Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Silicone Baking Mat

I was given the opportinuty to try out this baking mat from 3Nindo as part of a promotion.*

Let me start off by saying that I love to bake, and will always choose my oven over the mirowave for heating up left overs, snack foods and the like. I have alway disliked my food sticking to the pan itself or the aluminum foil that I use to line the pan before I place it in the oven. Who doesn't right? I have seen items like this before and I had been wanting to try it out. I could just never justify purchasing one though with three kids the extra money was always needed / used elsewhere  and usually on them. So when the chance to test this mat came up I jumped on it and was thrilled to have been chosen to do so. 

I thought a great way to test it would be by baking some chocolate chip cookies. I figured that my two oldest, who had just started the school year would love to come home to a nice treat waiting for them. I opened the package and washed the mat before use. It had a slightly slippery texture and I wondered how it would fare in the heat of the oven. It did just great. I was so impressed at how the cookies just slid off the mat with no prodding. The bottoms were beautifully browned and the cookies them selves were baked to perfection. My first thought after trying it out was "man I should of bought this a long time ago".  I was even more impressed when I reheated up some pizza and the cheese that bubbled over did not burn or stick to the mat. Baked on cheese just peeled right off.  In fact I have even just but some mozzarella on it and melted it for my girls to nibble on. Would be great for tomato and mozzarella sandwiches if you like those. I have used it on several other dishes that I have made all with the same happy results. The cooking times of everything that I have made were not altered in any way. The clean-up on this item is a snap too, not to mention no scrubbing of the pans that you would of used without it.

 I would happily reccomend this product to everyone. 

*item was free of charge in exchange for my unbiasad  opinion

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