Wednesday, September 17, 2014


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Superpoints is a community of enthusiastic influencers who earn Superpoints that can be redeemed for amazing prizes when they search, shop, share, comment, advocate and inform using the forums provided at

Superpoints™ are our virtual reward currency that can be redeemed for real-world prizes.

Superpoints is a members-only community but anyone in the United States can become a member by being sponsored by another member.  There is no fee to join

Superpoints is the site with the best Rewards!  The rewards you can access to are determined by your XP Level and the number of Superpoints you have accumulated.  the Rewards themselves range from small items like bouncy balls and sun glasses all the way up to appliances, cars (even a Lamborghini) and a $2 million dream home

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Yes the Superpoints program is back and I could not be any happier, I am back to spinning and winning once again. This is one of my favorite programs for earning gift cards at no cost to myself. I have been a member of the site's relaunch since late June, and as of June 25, 2014 today is September 17, 2014 I have managed to cash out for $145 in Amazon gift cards and I have enough in my balance for another $25 one. I was a memeber when the site previously ran as well and earned many gift cards and even a free Keurig coffee machine with the points I amassed there. The only thing that I do not like is how they  have broken the prizes off into tiers and how you can only redeem a prize in the tier one time. I think that if I have enough points I should be able to redeem that prize as much as I would like to. This is a great way to help supplement my holiday shopping, and can do the same for you.

You do not get spam mail from joining this site.if that is a concern of yours, and there are several ways to earn extra Superpoints. In addition to pushing the button to earn points there is an Amazing Offers tab where Superpoints can be earned by doing a number of various activities from watching a video, scrolling through a slide show, downloading a free app to your mobile device to making a purchase and more.  You are also rewarded when someone uses your referral link to sign up for the site. Everytime one of your referrals wins your account will be credited with Superpoints equal to half of their win as well. There is no limit on the points that your referrals can earm for you. You just need to be patient  with this site after verifying your e mail and filling out your profile you start out with 10 spins a day. Withing a 3-4 days of daily play you will usually have earned enough points to level up to the Bronze level and are issued 25 spins a day. If you are able to get 5 people to sign up under you link and reach an XP level of 10 (you advance in XP by playing daily (completing some offers will boost it as well even the free ones) you will then get 100 spins a day. You can also purchase an up grade to the Platinum Level where you will receive 200 spins a day sutomatically without having to have the 5 referrals required to advance. 

I really am a fan of this program and if you stick with it it pays out well. Too many people get discouraged and give up too quickly. Don't be one of them if you join those of us on the site. I really do hope that you join us. 

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